iHomeServer is now end of life. We thank all our users for their strong support over the last 10 years!

iHomeServer : Stream iTunes from Windows 8 Metro Interface

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Stream Your iTunes Media to Windows 8 Metro UI with iHomeServer plus rtRemote

rtRemote is our Windows 8 store app for remote controlling iTunes. If you are running iHomeServer alongside iTunes, rtRemote's "Play Here" feature is unlocked that allows rtRemote to also stream media from iTunes to your Windows 8 device

rtRemote: Our Windows 8 remote control for iTunes

rtRemote is our Windows Store App that allows you to remote control iTunes straight from the Windows 8 Metro Interface, just like the Apple Remote app for iOS.

With more than 100,000 downloads, rtRemote is storming the Windows Store!

You can find more information on rtRemote here, or read on to see how rtRemote and iHomeServer can work together to give the perfect Windows 8 iTunes experience

iHomeServer + rtRemote = The Perfect Combo!

iHomeServer supercharges iTunes to make it a better media server. Among the other features described on these pages, iHomeServer extends iTunes's built in media streaming features to web browsers, games consoles and Smart TVs

iHomeServer also allows streaming of iTunes content to our rtRemote Windows 8 app opening up even more possibilities for accessing your media

This is the only solution available today that integrates iTunes into the Windows Metro UI.

Unlock rtRemote's "Play Here" function

If rtRemote detects iHomeServer installed alongside iTunes, rtRemote will unlock the "Play Here" function that lets you stream your music and videos to your Windows 8 device rather than being limited to just remote controlling iTunes

Simply tap the 'Play Here' button and any track you select will play on your Windows 8 device - music, movies and television episodes!

Streaming is supported for non-DRM protected music and video only. Compatibility of media depends on client device.

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