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iHomeServer lets you access your iTunes library securely over the Internet

iHomeServer includes a built-in web server that provides a lightweight, modern and fast User Interface for streaming and managing your iTunes library. The web interface is available to computers on your local network but can also be made accessible over the internet using commercial strength HTTPS/SSL encryption. No need to know your computer's public IP address, our sister site 'Stream My iTunes' will keep track of your IP address and let you log in securely with one-click

Stream your iTunes library over the Internet


Stream your iTunes music, movies, television programs over the Internet to any supported device - pretty much anything with a web browser! Your desktop at work, laptops in the park, tablets in your local coffee shop, phones on your train journey. No need to upload your content to someone else's cloud. Access your media on your computer

Secure login at www.StreamMyiTunes.com


Set up a username and password to prevent unauthorised access to your iTunes library. Access to your library is encrypted using commercial strength HTTPS/SSL encryption. Stream My iTunes keeps track of your computer's public IP address so you can login from an easy to remember web site even if you have a dynamic IP address

Supports iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Chrome, Firefox, IE

Our streaming client is based on optimized HTML5 which runs on most current browser platforms but with the look, feel and fluidity of a native application

Keep your media in your own personal cloud

Other streaming services require you to upload your content to a cloud provider. iHomeServer keeps your content on your computer or home server. No need to upload or share your content with a third party. Instead, you can stream content directly from your own computer across the Internet

Full management of your library


It's not just streaming. You can manage playlists, edit metadata, set cover artwork, check conversion status, and much much more

Streaming is supported for non-DRM protected music and video only. Compatibility of media depends on client device.

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