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iHomeServer : iTunes Media Watch Folders

iHomeServer Media Watch Folders

Automatically add all your content to iTunes

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iHomeServer allows you to set up multiple media watch folders for iTunes

You can configure iHomeServer to "watch" multiple media folders on your computer. Any new media that you add to these folders will be automatically added into iTunes. For example, if you rip an audio CD using your favourite ripping package into your 'My Music' folder, iHomeServer will automatically index your new album into iTunes. Even if you edit the media later (eg by changing metadata), iHomeServer will pick up the change and update iTunes accordingly

Supports Multiple Watch Folders


iTunes includes an 'Automatically add to iTunes' folder, however, the functionality is very limited. iHomeServer augments this functionality by allowing multiple media folders to be watched. This is ideal if you store your music, movies and television in different places

Supports Shared Folders

Ideal for servers

if you are running iHomeServer on a server (for example, a Windows Home Server), you can set up a watch folder over server's shared folders. Now you can simply drag and drop media files from your laptop to your server and have them automatically added to your iTunes library

Automatically set video type


If you import a ripped video file into iTunes, it will normally appear under the "Home Videos" tab. With iHomeServer you can configure a watch folder to automatically set the iTunes media type to either Movie or Television so your content automatically appears in the right tabs in iTunes!

Supports AutoTagging


With one click, you can configure your Watch Folder to automatically tag your movies with metadata and cover artwork from multiple online metadata libraries. By the time the media is in iTunes, it will show up beautifully!

Convert from non-iTunes friendly videos formats to iTunes friendly MP4/M4V


If you have a folder containing videos that are not in a format compatible with iTunes, you can configure your iHomeServer Watch Folder to automatically convert the file prior to import. This uses the industry standard Handbrake application to convert all your media automatically to iTunes compatible MP4/M4V formats

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