iHomeServer is now end of life. We thank all our users for their strong support over the last 10 years!

iHomeServer : Edit iTunes Metadata and Artwork

iHomeServer includes a comprehensive metadata/artwork editor for your media

iHomeServer comes complete with a metadata and artwork edit for all your music, movies and television episodes. You can either manually edit metadata fields such as title, artist, description, album, tv episode details, producers, directors, etc or use iHomeServer's AutoTag feature to automatically search and set metadata with a single click

AutoTag for Movies : single click tagging of movie files with accurate metadata and artwork

Use the iHomeServer Management Console to select either one, several or a whole folder of movie files. Click the 'AutoTag' button to automatically look up metadata from multiple internet providers. iHomeServer will select the best result and both tag your files and update iTunes with the resulting metadata and artwork.

iHomeServer can either use any existing tags within the file or just the filename. Intelligent algorithms make decode most populate video file naming conventions.

AutoTag for TV : quick tagging of your TV series

If you click 'AutoTag' on a series of files from a TV episode, simply select the show name, series number and starting episode number. iHomeServer will then look up metadata for the TV series and tag the selected files with episode specific data.

TV episodes are automatically marked as such within iTunes so your series will show up as seasons and series just like content purchased from the iTunes Store

Manual editing of advanced metadata tags

Of course there may be times when you need to manually set metadata on your media files. With iHomeServer, simply click the 'Get Info' button on either a single track or a set of tracks. Just like in iTunes you can edit standard properties such as artwork, name, artist, album, programme and episode details.

However, you can also edit advanced metadata properties not availble in the iTunes interface such as Producer, Director, Network Rating, etc. You can also, of course, search internet providers for either movie or television episode data

Metadata Editing is also available via iHomeServer Web Interface

The iHomeServer Web Interface, new in version 3, extends the convenience of iHomeServer's AutoTag and manual metadata editing features to any web-enabled device.

So you can fix up your metadata using your iPad from your armchair, or using Chrome on your laptop, or your Android phone ... the possibilities are endless!

Direct lookup from DVDID

When ripping DVDs, iHomeServer will compute the DVD's unique DVDID to help identify the DVD. We then use internet data sources to lookup the DVD metadata and artwork that matches the DVDID resulting in even more accurate AutoTags when you rip your movies into iTunes with iHomeServer

Top Internet Metadata Providers

We have integrated with the top internet metadata providers to give you the best metadata.

We use data from www.TheMovieDb.org, www.TheTvDb.com, tagChimp and xmldvd.info and search across providers to help tag even the most obscure titles.

You can specify a preferred country/language for metadata results within iHomeServer settings which will be used whenever supported by the underlying metadata provider

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