iHomeServer is now end of life. We thank all our users for their strong support over the last 10 years!

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iHomeServer is wonderful software – it really helps bring the Apple world together with the DLNA world and will eventually allow my Media Server (which contains my family photos, home movies, music collection, movie collection, purchased items from iTunes, etc. available to all my media players – whatever they might be (including Apple TV’s and vendor specific “Smart” devices).

Tony - British Columbia, Canada

I am very very interested in testing the new version 3 beta release, I have been using your product for some time now and really love it and would really enjoy testing some of the new features.

Well Done on such an amazing piece of software.

Phil - UK

Wow, amazing stuff. Works great from the outside on my iPad mini. My wife is going to love this ... the streaming quality is amazing

Paul - Chattanooga, US

I hope your tech support is as wonderful as your products appear to be. I would love to have something to evangelize!

Dave - Australia

Thanks! Its all up and running, and working great. I will be sure to spread the word about your add-in.


Just to let you know, has fixed the issue, app working perfectly now. Thanks for great support. Will be sure to recommend your product in forums etc.

Alan - Durham, UK

I’ve just downloaded and installed iHome Server 2 for WHS 2011. The ability to have itunes managed, and kept running on the server is great, as is the folder watch feature.

Dan - London, UK

Love the product. We use it every day to serve up iTunes to our 3 apple tvs!

Keith - Massachusetts, US

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