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iHomeServer : Access your iTunes Library from non-Apple devices

iHomeServer lets you stream your iTunes library

from all your favorite devices

iHomeServer lets you access your iTunes library from your non-Apple devices

iHomeServer includes a built-in web server that provides a lightweight, modern and fast User Interface for streaming and managing your iTunes library from web devices. The web interface is optimised for smartphones, tablets and PCs and is compatible with most modern browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on most Windows, Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OS X, iOS devices, Android devices and Blackberries.

Stream your iTunes library to all your devices

iHomeServer now extends your iTunes library to your non-Apple devices so you can have one central music library for all your devices. iHomeServer's Web Interface provides streaming, playlist management, metadata management and more functionality across browsers and devices.

Attractive, fast and fluid interface

iHomeServer provides an attractive, fast and fluid web interface that has the look and feel of a native appication. Check the 'Screenshots' section to understand the look-and-feel. Use device features like 'Add to Home Screen' on iOS to run iHomeServer Web as a standalone application.

More features than the iOS 'Remote App', 'Music' and 'Video' apps combined!

iHomeServer's web interface let's you stream your music and movies to your PC, tablet, or SmartPhone without any software being installed on the client device.

But iHomeServer's functionality goes further - in addition to streaming, you can manage your library - managing playlists, editing metadata, AutoTagging movies and television series. iHomeServer Web also acts as an iTunes remote control allowing you to select tracks and videos and playing them remotely on your iHomeServer iTunes instance. Very handy if you use AirPlay around your house.

Manage metadata from your armchair

iHomeServer lets you edit your iTunes media's metadata from any supported browser on any device. You can change album names, artist details, artwork from your tablet. You can perform an Internet search of cover art for the movie you just ripped and tag your movie file with just a couple of taps on your phone. The same AutoTag features that have been available in iHomeServer v2's Console and WHS Console are now extended to the iHomeServer web interface

Complements iHomeServer's DLNA streaming features

iHomeServer's web interface gives you access to your iTunes library from most modern devices with a web browser. However, don't forget that iHomeServer also publishes your iTunes library to your local network using its built-in DLNA server. Now your DLNA clients such as smart TVs, smart radios, XBMC, and any DLNA compliant apps on your tablets, PCs, phones can also access your iTunes library and media

Access your iTunes library over the Internet

Although, by default, iHomeServer's web interface is restricted to your local network, you can now extend access to your iTunes library securely to the internet by pairing your iHomeServer instance with our sister web site www.StreamMyiTunes.com. StreamMyiTunes lets you log on to your iTunes library with a secure username and password. Even if you have a dynamic IP address, StreamMyiTunes acts as a dynamic DNS server to keep track of your IP address if it changes so you can quickly log into your library wherever you are.

† Streaming is supported for non-DRM protected music and video only. Compatibility of media depends on client device.

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