iHomeServer is now end of life. We thank all our users for their strong support over the last 10 years!

iHomeServer Screenshots

Below are a sample of screen shots of different aspects of iHomeServer covering the main iHomeServer Management console, iHomeServer Add-in for Windows Home Server and the iHomeServer web interface

Don't forget you can download a free trial of iHomeServer and try it out for yourself!

Console Home

iHomeServer runs all the time as a background process (or a Windows Service if you prefer).

You can access iHomeServer via the iHomeServer Console that can run on the same or different machine as iHomeServer or integrate into a Windows Home Server / Windows Server 2012 Essentials dashboard

The 'Home' tab of the iHomeServer Console gives you quick access to enable or disable each iHomeServer feature.

Watch Folders

The iHomeServer Watch Folder tab allows you to set up and configure folders on your computer that will be monitored for new media files.

Use this feature to maintain your existing folder structure when you use iTunes or, if running as a server, create Watch Folders on your network share folders so that you can import media into iTunes from remote computers by copying and pasting files into your existing media shares.

iTunes View

The iHomeServer iTunes View shows you your iTunes library arranged by iTunes Media type and playlist.

Where as the Watch Folder view arranges your media by its physical folder, the iTunes View arranges your media using its iTunes metadata.

Synchronise Library

If you are running iTunes on several family computers under different iTunes accounts, it's normally difficult to share your content between your family members.

iHomeServer solves this.

Install iHomeServer on each computer running iTunes and then you can configure subscriptions between iTunes computers (even if they are running under different iTunes accounts).

Subscriptions can be specified at playlist level, or for an entire library and are synchronised in the background.

Handbrake Conversions

The conversions tab keeps track of Handbrake Conversion tasks being managed by iHomeServer.

You can configure iHomeServer to automatically rip any DVD you insert into iTunes or you can configure a Watch Folder to be 'conversion enabled'. In this case, any video media you add into that folder will automatically get converted into iTunes friendly video formats by iHomeServer.

Metadata Editing

iHomeServer comes with a supercharged metadata editor. Select tracks either in the Watch Folder or iTunes View tabs and edit their metadata and cover art.

You can also search the Internet for movie/television metadata or AutoTag media automatically

Internet Metadata Search

When editing media metadata, click the 'Search' button to search Internet metadata provides such as The Movie DB, The TV DB, and tagChimp.

Then assign your search result to a track in your library with one click

Your metadata and artwork will then show up on all your connected devices

iHomeServer Web Access

iHomeServer Web Access provides web access to your iTunes library - both within your home and from the Internet.

iHomeServer Web Access is compatible with most modern HTML5 browsers, on most platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc

Access iHomeServer Web Access via the Internet using our secure service at www.StreamMyiTunes.com

Web View - Albums

iHomeServer Web Access organises your content just like the normal iTunes interface using all your iTunes metadata and artwork

Web View - Album View

With iHomeServer Web Access, your albums are presented beautifully.

Most features available through the iHomeServer Management Console - such as metadata editing, autotagging, queueing tracks within iTunes or streaming tracks locally - are also available in iHomeServer Web View

Web View - Streaming

iHomeServer Web Access lets you stream your music and video media to remote devices, at home and on the Internet using our remote service at www.StreamMyiTunes.com.

Streaming is available to most modern browsers on most platforms so your iTunes library is opened up to a whole new set of devices

Web View - Video Transcoding

When streaming movies or television episodes via iHomeServer Web Access, iHomeServer can transparently transcode the video into lower bandwidth versions appropriate to your connection speed

Web View - Metadata

iHomeServer Web Access provides the same metadata editing capabilities as the iHomeServer Management Console

You can edit individual fields of tracks, search the Internet for metadata and artwork, and AutoTag television episodes and movies

All this can be done from the browser of most devices on your home network or on the Internet using our secure service at www.StreamMyiTunes.com

Web View - AutoTag

Movie and Television Series AutoTag is also available via iHomeServer Web Access

Select a season of TV video files in a Watch Folder and select the 'AutoTag' button

You'll then be guided through searching an on-line database for the matching TV series and season

Then simply match up the episodes to your video files and hit 'Go'

Web View - TV Series

Television Series in your iTunes library are available within the iHomeServer Web Interface, ready for streaming to your device or playing straight on iTunes

LG Smart TV (find iHomeServer)

You can stream your iTunes library to most Smart Televisions without an Apple TV using DLNA. This screenshot shows how to find iHomeServer on your television's main menu.

LG Smart TV (Movies)

This screenshot shows an iTunes Library movie collection displayed on an LG Smart TV. You can select a movie to play it. Similarly your music and television episodes are available for streaming via most Smart TVs.

LG Smart TV (Now Playing)

This screenshot shows an LG Smart TV playing a music album streamed from your iTunes library

XBOX 360 (find iHomeServer)

You can use your XBOX 360 to stream your iTunes Library using iHomeServer's built-in DLNA server. This screenshot shows where to select your iHomeServer instance from the available sources.

XBOX 360 (Album View)

Your albums will show up on your XBOX 360 just like they do in iTunes. Select an album to play it or see its tracks.

XBOX 360 (Album Tracks)

Tracks that you have not yet played in iTunes will show up with an asterix (*). Select a track to stream it to your XBOX 360.

XBOX 360 (Now Playing)

Now playing shows the normal XBOX 360 visualisation and track information from your iTunes library.

XBOX 360 (Movies)

The movies in your iTunes Libray will be available on your XBOX 360 with iHomeServer

XBOX 360 (Movie Playing)

Select a movie from your iTunes library to play it on your XBOX 360

Pure Evoke Flow (DLNA)

You can even stream your iTunes music library to DLNA equipped radio or receivers such as the Pure Evoke Flow radio.