rtRemote for iTunes

rtRemote for iTunes

rtRemote is a Windows 8 / Windows RT remote control App for iTunes that provides similar functionality to the 'Remote' App for iPhone and iPad



Connect to iTunes and play music and video on your PC/Mac directly or streamed to an attached AirPlay device such as an Apple TV.

Stream your iTunes media to your Windows 8 device / tablet

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Streaming features require iHomeServer for iTunes to be installed on the computer running iTunes and supports non-DRM protected content only



Note that you need to have a copy of iTunes running on a computer on your network. rtRemote does not require any other software to be installed on your Windows 8 PC or tablet. Please also ensure that iTunes is set up to 'Share my library on my local network...'. This option is found within iTunes under the Edit / Preferences menu (Sharing tab).

rtRemote has currently been tested with iTunes 11


When first run, rtRemote needs to be paired with your iTunes library. This is a 30 second task that the app will guide you through on first launch.

Once you have installed rtRemote, please ensure that iTunes is up and running and that your iTunes library has been shared on your network. Your library should now appear within the rtRemote app and is ready for pairing. Touch to select the library in rtRemote and the pairing process will begin.

You will see a new device appear in your iTunes library called 'rtRemote'. If you now click this device, you will be asked to enter a PIN number - enter 0000. Your library will now be paired with rtRemote and you will be able to access all your music and video. Remember, this process only needs to be performed once.

Note: If you want to pair with an instance of iTunes running on the same computer as rtRemote you need to download our rtRemote Pairing Helper Tool


rtRemote is a remote control for iTunes for Windows 8 and Windows RT.
iTunes is the heart of many users' home media solutions. This app allows you to view your iTunes library and play media either on the computer running iTunes or any (supported) Apple device on your network, eg an Apple TV or any AirPlay enabled speakers.
rtRemote runs on Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT. x86, x64 and ARM platforms are supported.
Please check the Windows Store regularly for current pricing as pricing varies.

No - rtRemote is a remote control for iTunes; it does not replace iTunes. Apple has not yet released iTunes for Windows RT and therefore it is still not possible to run iTunes on a Windows RT based device.

You can however install rtRemote on a Windows RT device and use it to remote control another instance of iTunes running on another computer on your network

Yes, if you are also using our sister product iHomeServer for iTunes. iHomeServer supercharges iTunes to make it a better media server by providing a series of additional features such as web access to your iTunes library, internet access to your iTunes library as well as advanced metadata editing, DLNA streaming, DVD ripping etc.

rtRemote integrates with iHomeServer to stream your iTunes media directly to your Windows 8 / RT tablet (DRM free media only)

rtRemote attempts to autodetect any iTunes instances on your local network. For this to work, you need to have enabled "Sharing of your library" within iTunes Preferences and ensure iTunes is up and running. If it still isn't autodetected then please check the following:

  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, then tap 'Settings'
  • Click the network icon to open the list of available networks
  • Tap and hold for 2 seconds (or right click) your active network connection
  • Tap 'Turn sharing on or off'
  • Select 'Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices'

If your computer is a member of a domain, then please check you have enabled "Network Autodiscovery" and "File/Print Sharing" within the domain profile's Network settings on both the computer that runs rtRemote and the computer that is running iTunes

There is a lot of technology between rtRemote and iTunes - if any of these has an issue then you may not be able to connect. Fortunately, we have added a Connection Troubleshooting Wizard to rtRemote. This will start automatically if you click on a library that rtRemote cannot connect to.

This will run some basic tests and provide a diagnosis of the connection issue. Please follow the steps advised.

Yes, but it requires an extra step. Windows by default blocks Windows Store apps from sending network communications to applications on the same computer. Our companion tool, the rtRemote Pairing Helper, re-enables this for rtRemote in a few clicks allowing you to use rtRemote to control an instance of iTunes running locally on the same computer

You can 'pin' a server to keep it in your rtRemote start page regardless of autodetection. By default, any server you add manually will be pinned.

Pairing is the process of allowing a remote control, such as rtRemote, access to your iTunes library. If rtRemote detects that pairing is required, it will prompt you when you try to connect to iTunes. Just follow the application's prompts to complete the pairing process.

rtRemote can be used to access iTunes, select a media track and then select an Apple TV as an AirPlay device that iTunes will stream to. This is fully supported. However, rtRemote does not yet support directly remote controlling an Apple TV. Yet.

rtRemote should run fine with most versions of iTunes, however we officially only support iTunes 10.7 to 11.1

In the top right hand corner of rtRemote is a speaker selection icon. It will show the currently selected speaker. If you click this icon then you will be able to change volume as well as switch to a different speaker/output device such as an Apple TV or an AirPlay speaker. If you still hear no sound then do make sure your Windows volume is unmuted.

In the top right hand corner of rtRemote is a speaker selection icon. It will show the currently selected speaker. If you click this icon then you will be able to change volume as well as switch to a different speaker/output device such as an Apple TV or an AirPlay speaker.

A search bar appears in the top right hand corner of most rtRemote screens allowing you to search your library. Your search will be focussed on the area of your iTunes library that you are in - so if you are in Movies then Search will only search Movies. To search the whole library go back to the main library page.

Simply email us at [email protected]. We encourage user feedback about bugs or feature requests and will aim to implement any functionality that is useful and technically feasible.

Not yet - rtRemote does not integrate with iCloud or the iTunes Store - it is a remote control for a copy of iTunes running somewhere on your home network.