rtRemote Pairing Helper

rtRemote Pairing Helper

rtRemote Pairing Helper is a free companion program for rtRemote that allows you to pair rtRemote with a local copy of iTunes. The application is required because Windows 8 prevents certain traffic between Windows Store apps and desktop apps and this prevents the pairing process from working with just the rtRemote by itself. rtRemote Pairing Helper provides a three click way of pairing rtRemote.

Note that this tool is not required if you are pairing to iTunes running on a different computer.



Download rtRemote Pairing Helper by clicking on the link below


To use the rtRemote Pairing Helper, you first need to install iTunes and rtRemote on a computer. Please click here for steps on how to do this.

rtRemote has currently been tested with iTunes 11


Please follow the following simple instructions to run rtRemote on the same computer as iTunes:

1. Ensure that iTunes is rurnning, and that your iTunes library is shared on your network.

2. Download and install rtRemote from the Windows Store.

3. When you start the rtRemote App, it should find your local instance (if it doesn't, you can add it manually), but it will say that it is "unable to connect" - don't worry, this is normal if you are connecting to iTunes running on the same computer.

4. Swipe in from the right-hand of the screen to reveal the Settings charm, and click 'Settings'

5. In the rtRemote Settings window, you will see the "iTunes Pairing Code" - click 'Copy' to copy this code to your clipboard.

6. Now download and install the rtRemote Pairing Helper utility using the link below. The tool will launch automatically at the end of the installation

7. Click 'Next', and the tool should have pre-populated your iTunes Pairing Code from the Clipboard; if it hasn't, please paste or type it in.

8. Clicking 'Next' will start the pairing process.

9. You will see a new device appear in your iTunes library called 'rtRemote'

10. If you now click this device, you will be asked to enter a PIN number - enter 0000 

11. Your library will now be paired with rtRemote and you will be able to access all your music and video from the rtRemote App. 

Remember, this process only needs to be performed once, so feel free to uninstall the pairing utility if you wish.